Different types of insulin medications

Insulin is the hormone and human body makes to stay blood glucose levels within normal range which is made by beta cells in the pancreas. Insulin main function is to move glucose from the bloodstream into the body cells in order to make the energy. People with type 1 diabetes should inject insulin in everyday and you must take four to five times per day. As everyone knows diabetes is the potentially life-threatening condition where your body loses its capability to produce insulin as a result, blood glucose levels are too high. Type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes are there so you must take insulin based on your health professional recommendation and get some initial information through thefashionablehousewife.com.

Different types of insulin medications 

Insulin is categorized based on how it works in the body and different kinds of the insulin are available which range from rapid to long acting. Certain types of the insulin look cloudy and others are clear. According to the studies says that five types of the insulin are available such as

  • Short-acting insulin
  • Rapid-acting insulin
  • Intermediate-acting medium
  • Long-acting insulin
  • Mixed insulin

Rapid-acting insulin

Rapid-acting insulin can start work somewhere between ten to twenty minutes after injection. It might last up to 5 hours and its action is at greatest between 1 to 3 hours. This kind of the insulin acts quickly after a meal because it is quite similar to body natural insulin so it can minimize the risk of the low blood glucose. In case you are looking to use this type of insulin then you must eat food without delay after you inject. Three rapid-acting insulin medication types are presently available like

Short-acting insulin 

When compared to the rapid-acting insulin, short-acting insulin might take longer to start its work. It begins to lower the blood glucose levels within thirty minutes so you must to inject short-acting insulin before eating. It is having the maximum effect of 2 to 5 hours after injection so it can last for 6 to 8 hours. Currently available short-acting insulin is that Humulin R and Actrapid.

Intermediate-acting insulin 

Intermediate-acting and long-acting insulin are also known as basal or background insulin. However intermediate-acting insulin is cloudy in nature so it must to be mixed well before you use this insulin. This type of the insulin drug is working about 60 to 90 minutes after injection and last for the 16 to 24 hours so it could be peak between four to twelve hours.

Long-acting insulin

This insulin enters bloodstream about one to two hours after injection so it could be effective for 24 hours. The main advantage of the long-acting insulin is that avoidance of the pronounced peak and closely works similar to normal pancreatic basal insulin secretion.

Mixed insulin drugs

Mixed insulin consists of a pre-mixed combination of eithershort-acting insulin or very rapid-acting insulin which can work together with the intermediate-acting insulin. It is available in unique combination like

Different types of insulin medications

  • 30% rapid and 70% intermediate Protaphane
  • 75% intermediate Humulin NPH and 25% rapid
  • 50% rapid and 50% intermediate humulin NPH

Injection of the insulin as the supplement or replacement to your body’s insulin that is really useful to treat both types of diabetes. You might not take insulin by mouth and you should inject it with the insulin pen, syringe or insulin pump. Your health professional might show you how effective give yourself injections and you might inject insulin under the skin in different parts of your body like upper arm, thigh and abdomen.


Basically insulin is the naturally secreted hormone and human body might not function properly without insulin. You must remember one thing, insulin use might vary by a person based on the diabetes management and blood glucose levels. Amount of the insulin which you required on a daily basis based on the certain factors such as level of your physical activity, diet options and severity of your diabetes. Some of the people may require one insulin shot in a day but others need 3 or four so consult with your health professional.